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Ameristar Steel Fences: Aegis

Aegis ornamental steel fences have several characteristics that make this particular style a leader among consumers:

  1. The internal picket to rail retainer is concealed, giving the Aegis ornamental fence design a more sought after ornamental appearance.

  1. The strength of the Aegis Forerunner double-wall rail is stronger than typical square ornamental profiles.

  2. Aegis ornamental fences have a PermaCoat maintenance-free finish.

All Aegis style fences have a recommended height of 5'. Why?

Because although 4' tall is the minimum guideline recommended by the Consumer Products Safety Commission for pools and child play areas, several municipalities have chosen to require 5' tall fencing as a minimum to make it more difficult for small children to climb.

Many people demand the strength of a second top rail or prefer the look of pickets extending above the top rails. Others desire rings or scrolls along the top of their fence. Since all the safety codes require a 45" clearance between top and bottom rails, the 5' height complies while the 4' height does not.

Aesthetically, a 5' tall fence exhibits the best balance for complementing landscaping without obstructing visibility. Shrubbery beds or hedges are typically trimmed at about 3-1/2' to 4' above the ground. The 5' tall fence extends just enough above this height to expose the ornamental fence top without blocking or screening that may occur with a taller fence.

Aegis Features
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