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Fence Design & Installation

The process of designing and installing a fence can be very easy, but there are some critical issues that you should address prior to starting. At Fence Formations, we can guide you through all aspects of this process to help ensure that your new fence is designed and installed properly.


To determine the best fencing material for your goals and budget, our design specialists will ask you a number of questions and then will suggest the best product for your particular needs. Common questions include:

  • Will you be enclosing pets with your new fence?

  • Will you be enclosing a pool, now or in the future?

  • How much privacy do you want?

Walk Through

Once we determine the best fence for your needs, we need to assess how well this type of fence will work on your land. Prior to beginning any fence installation project, our designer/estimator will perform a walk-through of your yard to:

  • Calculate exact measurements

  • Check for obstructions like trees, rocks or sprinkler systems

  • Evaluate grading

  • Determine the location of gates and individual panels

  • Confirm that the type of fence you desire is the best fit for your yard

Building Code & Plot Plan-Review

Armed with all of this information, our design team can go to work to prepare drawings that can be used for submission to your local municipality and homeowners association. It is important to note that many St. Louis area municipalities have unique rules when it comes to the size, location, and types of fence that you can put in your yard. At Fence Formations, we have an extensive knowledge of local building codes and work with our customers to comply with these codes. We also recommend that you check with your homeowners association to ensure that your new fence will comply with any neighborhood rules. Although we do not pull permits for homeowners, we do provide all the necessary information needed for you to obtain a permit through your homeowners association & municipality. 


Once your new design is approved, we'll put the job into our installation schedule and order any non-standard pieces. Lead times can vary depending on the weather and our workload, but most jobs are started within a week or two of "design approval" and then completed within a couple of days.

Plot Plan
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